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DIY livery  £185 pcm 

This includes provision of a stable, turnout when conditions permit, forage and bedding plus use of all facilities ( jumps and on-farm hacking etc). Also includes a late evening check.

Additional services

  • Trailer parking: £5 per week

  • Turn out or bring in:  £5 per time

  • Give hard feed: £2 per feed given - Giving hard feed (full written instructions to be given by the Horse Owner of what feed and when the feed is to be given)

  • Top up hay:  £ 1 per time   

  • Muck out: £ 7 

  • Holding for farrier / vet / dentist £15.00 per hour/part hour

  • Extra wood pellets: £4.50 per bag

  • Free - Rug storage (rugs for storage must be presented in labelled bags. NB only the Yard Owner will have access to the storage area)

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