DIY livery  £175 pcm (£39pw)

This includes provision of a stable, turnout when conditions permit, forage and bedding plus use of all facilities ( jumps and on-farm hacking etc). Also includes a late evening check.

Additional services

Trailer parking £5 per week

Turn out or bring in £2.75

Give hard feed £2

Top up hay £ 1   

Muck out £ 7 

Hold for farrier / vet / dentist £10.00


Extra wood pellets £4.50 per bag


  • Payment is to be made calendar monthly in advance by standing order within the first 5 banking days of the month and a deposit of £200 per horse or foal will be taken to cover any damage caused.

  • One months notice is required from either party for horses leaving the yard

  • All horses must be wormed prior to arrival on the yard and subsequently must adhere to the yard worming programme. Cost of wormers will be added to the bill as necessary.

  • All horses must have up to date flu and tetanus vaccination certificates for examination on arrival and for the duration of their stay. A copy of this will be taken for our records.

  • Grazing is provided for all horses and we aim to provide good quality year round turnout. However, the management reserves the right to keep all horses stabled to prevent damage during extreme weather conditions or during local hunt or shoot meets. Extra forage and bedding will be provided on these occasions.

  • We do not allow supplementary feeding in fields. Grass is for grazing !

  • Horses kept fully stabled may be charged extra for high usage of forage and bedding at the discretion of the management.

  • Bedding provision included in the livery fee is limited to one bag of wood pellets per week. Extra bags may be purchased as needed.

  • Tack room space is allocated for each horse kept on the premises but all belongings are left at the owners risk and should be insured by the owner.

  • Security of tack and of the horse is the responsibility of the horse’s owner.

  • Rug storage is provided at a nominal fee. Rugs must be presented for storage in labelled bags for ease of identification. Only the management will have access to the storage area.

  • Hard feed must be stored in rodent proof containers in the feed room provided. Two dustbin sized containers per horse.

  • Owners will be responsible for any damage to people, animals or property caused by their horse and should have proof of at least third party insurance cover to provide for this eventuality.

  • It is agreed that the horse owner indemnifies the management and their employees for loss or damage resulting from reasonable care of the horse.

  • Responsibility for welfare of each horse lies with it’s owner but the management reserves the right to provide any care (including veterinary attendance) deemed necessary for the welfare of any horse on the premises. Any such care given will be charged accordingly.

  • The owner of the horse remains the keeper of the horse regardless of the level of service provided by the management.

  • Owners will provide full details of anyone who has their permission to ride or care for their horse or borrow any of their property.

  • A diary is provided in the tack room to enable booking of any extra services required. All bookings must be made one week in advance. Later bookings will be charged at the emergency rate of  +20%

  • Please use all facilities with consideration and respect for other users. The management reserves the right to employ a booking system as necessary

  • Use of facilities is always on a shared basis 

  • Please keep all areas tidy at all times and dispose of rubbish appropriately. In particular, please remove all droppings from schooling / lungeing areas immediately. Please pick out hooves before leaving stables.

  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times, any mess must be cleared up. If individual dogs become a nuisance they will no longer be welcome.

  • Please drive carefully at all times on the site with due consideration for other users and residents. BEWARE OF CHILDREN AND LIVESTOCK!

  • Cars must be parked only in the areas allocated.

  • No smoking is permitted on the premises.

  • Children under 16 years old must be supervised by a responsible adult while on the premises.

  • Riders must wear hard hats, properly fastened at all times when mounted and promote a mature sensible approach to rider safety at all times.

  • Riders must take care when riding along or over the public footpath which crosses the farm. Please take special care to show politeness and due consideration to others.

  • We reserve the right to change any of the above conditions at any time.

  • We accept no liability for persons, animals or property and shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused.