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Selection of Beef, Pork & Lamb


We are proud to offer our home produced 100 % grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef and Texel x North Country mule lamb in addition to our Tamworth out door reared rare breed pork.

We individually vacuum pack and fast freeze our products to preserve the quality of our produce so when defrosted your meat is as fresh as when the butcher finished his expert cutting.

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With our 100% grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef we take extra time and care to mature our meat on the bone for the best flavour and tenderness. You can taste the exceptional quality compared with refrigerated meat.

pigs in mud 2014 006Our Tamworth outdoor reared rare breed pork has all the qualities of old fashioned breeds of pig – perfect crackling every roast and bacon that tastes of the bacon our grandparents knew and loved.

lambs12 019Our lamb is tender and sweet from only being fed on mothers milk and grass. At certain times of the year we can also offer mutton which makes exceptional Shepherds Pie and tagines. 

We only offer meat for sale which has been born and reared here at Hornton Grounds and we take great care to ensure high quality slaughtering at our local abattoir at Long Compton and our butcher in Tysoe cuts all our meat with great care to our requirements. We are happy to take orders for special cuts but we do ask for patience from customers as our beef is hung for three weeks and then needs time to be skilfully cut, our lamb and pork has a shorter time from field to fork.

We are proud to be farm assured and show the red tractor logo at our shop.

Visitors are welcome to come and visit the farm and are under no obligation to buy simply come and browse or choose from our freezers or email and collect


Find us just off the A422 Banbury to Stratford upon Avon road  Drive up to the farm 

 Open Daily 8am – 5pm

email catherine@horntongrounds.com   tel. 01295 678318

PRICE LIST        (February 2017)

BEEF  Price per Kg PORK Price per Kg LAMB  Price per Kg
  £   £ £
Minced beef 8.00 Breakfast sausages 6.00 Minced lamb 7.10
Casserole beef 8.00 Herb sausages 7.50 Diced lamb 14.10
stewing beef (shin) 7.50 Sausage meat 8.00 Neck Chops 10.00
Braising steak 8.00 Streaky bacon 11.00 Cutlets 15.00
Stir fry 12.95 Back bacon 12.50 Loin chops 15.00
Burgers x 4 5.00 Collar Gammon Joint 6.99 Lamb rump steaks 15.10
Ribeye steak 20.00 Gammon steak 9.95 Loin Boned & Rolled 20.00
Sirloin steak 24.00 Gammon joint bone in 9.00 Whole Shoulder (bone in) 10.00
Fillet steak 35.00 Gammon joint boned 10.00 Half shoulder 10.50
Rump steak 17.25 Loin chops 7.00 Boned  & rolled shoulder 12.00
Whole fillet 35.00 Loin roasting joint 7.95 Rack of lamb 15.00
Fillet tails 35.00 Tenderloin fillet 13.00 Boned & rolled breast 8.00
Boned & rolled brisket 8.50 Belly joint 6.95 Half leg 11.25
Fore rib on the bone 15.00 Leg roasting joint 8.50 Whole leg 10.25
Topside roasting joint 11.00 Stir Fry 10.00 Shanks 9.50
Silverside slow-roasting joint 8.95 Kidney 3.50 Kidney 4.00
Pot roast joint 7.95 Liver 4.00 Liver 5..00
Oxtail 7.00 Trotters X 2 5.00 Tongue 4.50
Beef Sausage 5.00  Spare Ribs  5.00 Neck fillet 12.00
Liver 4.00
Tongue 5.00  Mutton when available
Diced kidney 8.00
Bones also available

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